Loved seeing this great photo and story today from @avg_jo3 
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I got this @honoremblem for my Nephew, Zack. He's a private in the National Guard and is actually doing more training right now. This should be waiting for him when he's finished. As I watched him grow up I could see he had something deep inside that wasn't apparent at the time. While he was still in high school he enlisted. I never expected that. His dad is a Sergeant and helped swear him in. I know very little about the military and what actually happens when you go to boot camp. It scares me to death to think about having to go through basic training but this guy did it. He came from Michigan down to the pit of South Carolina to train in one of the hottest summers of 100+ degrees and humidity you can imagine. He went in a teenager and proved his strength to become a man long before I expected him to. I'm a very proud uncle to know such a strong military man. #livehonorgivehonor #honoremblem

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