Stories of Honor

These Stories are about you and your friends. We would love to hear why you chose a particular piece of jewelry from our store. What does it mean to you? Or why did you purchase it for your friend or loved one? It doesn't have to be anything profound - just a simple sentence or two about why you like it. Maybe you just like how it looks. That's a great reason for purchasing! We hope you love how it looks. But maybe it also reminds you of something or someone important in your life. That's even better! Either way, we hope you and your friends feel inspired and honored to be wearing one of our EMBLEMS and we would love to hear a little of your story. We may even feature your story here on this page in our newsfeed. You can email your story to or tag us on Instagram @deathbeforedishonorcousa with your pics and stories. We really would love to hear from you. It's a big part of why we do what we do here at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR CO. USA. Thanks for joining the family. We wouldn't exist without you!