How do I care for my piece? Can I get it wet?

All of our pieces are Solid Sterling Silver or Solid Bronze. They are hand-waxed and casted, then oxidized, then polished. Once polished, the oxidized, more detailed areas remain dark while raised surfaces are shiny and brilliant. This gives each piece our very unique, one-of-a-kind, antique lustre and feel.  

☆ Bronze and Silver will naturally develop a patina over time with exposure to air and other elements.

☆ How quickly patina will develop on your piece depends on several factors - climate, exposure to water, air, chemicals and how often you wear your piece.

☆ We recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to water or chemicals. I wouldn't go swimming or take a shower wearing the piece. The patina will develop very quickly under these conditions and will require more polishing than most people care to deal with. Also be aware that hairsprays and other bath and body products may harm your piece so maybe make your jewelry the last thing you put on after getting ready to go out!

☆ The amount of patina or polish you like is a decision based on your personal taste.*

☆ MOST IMPORTANTLY - Wear your Emblem often!  Wear it with pride! Wearing your piece more often actually slows the patina process because the oils on your skin "clean" the metal! 

*Recommended Polishes Whenever You Feel Necessary

For Bronze - Brasso works well on Bronze pieces. Just a little bit of Brasso on a nonabrasive microfiber cloth should polish it up nicely. Start with a very small amount applied on a cloth. Rub it into the cloth a little. You can always use more if needed. The less you have to use the better. Try to avoid leaving any build-up of the polish in oxidized areas of the piece or it may leave a dried polish spot that won't look nice. It also may start to remove the oxidization look. You can find Brasso at several places like Walmart or Home Depot. Or order it HERE from Amazon.

For Sterling Silver - We recommend Semichrome Metal Polish. Follow the same directions as above. Order HERE from Amazon.